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“The Best Decision I Ever Made”

Rochelle and Ron Roos turned to Padgett and found a lasting partner 

Rochelle Roos knew that she needed a change. 

“My husband and I were working in corporate America, and we spent more time flying and saying ‘goodbye’ at an airport — because I was going one way and he was going a different direction — than we did at home,’” said Rochelle.  

Eager for a change in lifestyle, in 2005, she and her husband Ron left their jobs, moved across the country to Lexington, S.C., and opened Automotive Cosmetics Group. 

Struggling to find the right fit 

While entrepreneurship offered a welcome, satisfying challenge, finding someone to provide the strategic business and financial support needed to succeed frequently yielded headaches and heartburn. Rochelle and Ron’s initial forays into finding an accounting partner did not go well.  

The first one, a retired CPA who worked out of his home, didn’t engage with them through the year and then, when it came time to review their tax bill, simply told them they owed the IRS $20,000 and it was time to pay up. Rochelle settled up that bill, and then turned to a larger firm, thinking the expertise and accountability would be better.  

Yet, once again, communication was practically non-existent, and when it finally came time to meet and go over their tax bill, a representative from the firm flatly said “you made all this money, and now it’s time to pay.” 

Building a relationship with Padgett 

What Rochelle wanted was a trusted, true partner who was invested in the success, vitality and growth of her business. She found that, thanks to a referral from a friend. 

“I was in a mess financially at that time, and emotionally we were just a wreck so we knew we had to, once and for all find the right firm for us,” she said. “We had to find the right fit, and on a referral from a friend of mine, he said ‘go and please give Padgett Business Services a call.’ ” 

On March 23, 2007, Rochelle picked up the phone and made a call that changed the course of her business. For the past 14 years, Automotive Cosmetics Group has been a committed partner with Padgett of North, South Carolina. 

“It was the best decision I ever made,” Rochelle said. 

The relationship has remained strong and Rochelle’s business has steadily grown. There are no more surprise tax bills, as Richard Jeffcoat and his team work closely with Rochelle and Ron year-round to provide accounting, auditing and business consulting services.  

They handle absolutely everything behind the scenes,” Rochelle said. “I can focus on growing my business, and that’s what’s happened every year that I have been with Padgett Business Services.” 

More than a partner 

Throughout the perils of the pandemic in the past year, Rochelle noted that Richard and his team reached out several times a week just to touch base. To her, it was yet another sign that she had made the right choice in choosing Padgett. 

“Whether it’s a phone call, an email, or a personal visit, there’s a lot of things that I really value and I see value in for Padgett,” Rochelle said. “But the biggest thing for me is that I trust them, and I know they’re looking out for my business, my small family-owned business. It shows up in their actions, it shows in what they do for our business, and it shows in everything that they do for us.” 

Is your small business seeking a trusted partner? At Padgett, we value serving small businesses, providing the guidance, advice and support they need to make decisions as we all move into the “new normal.” If you’re a small business seeking a trusted partner to stand with you, don’t hesitate to reach out to an office today. 

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