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Ann Peden’s Sparkling Success With Padgett in Her Corner

Owner of Ann Peden Jewelry, Ann’s entrepreneurial journey began unexpectedly. Although she initially pursued a career in nursing due to societal expectations, her creative spirit always led her to make various crafts, from quilts and woodworking to resin jewelry and stained glass. Ann’s fascination with jewelry-making became a lifelong obsession in 1986 when she crafted all her wedding jewelry. However, the transition from an artist to a successful business owner was filled with challenges and learning curves. With Padgett Watkinsville at her side, she’s been able to leave the finances in Jim and Justin’s hands and focus on what she loves doing most.

Her dedication to jewelry making became a constant amidst raising three children and working night shifts as a nurse. “My husband suggested that I quit nursing and do an occasional art show,” Ann explained. “So I started out just going to a couple of little festivals here and there.”

It wasn’t long before stores approached Ann to feature her jewelry. “At festivals, stores asked if I would put my jewelry in their store. It kind of snowballed. Very shortly after that, I opened a store,” she recounted. Ann’s business grew rapidly, at one point selling in over 1000 stores, doing collegiate licensing for 57 universities, and even establishing a factory in Honduras.

Despite the rapid growth and success, Ann struggled with the overwhelming demands of running a large-scale business. The departure of her full-time business manager left Ann grappling with the complexities of business operations, payroll, taxes, and compliance.

Referred to by her financial advisor, Padgett’s reputation for supporting local businesses preceded them. Ann’s collaboration with Padgett marked a turning point, alleviating the administrative burdens that had previously overshadowed her creativity. “It was a glorious moment when I found out about Padgett because it changed my life,” she says.

Padgett’s services provided Ann with the support she really needed. “Now I get to do the things that I am good at and that I love to do. I don’t have to worry about payroll tax, the federal tax deposit, or sales tax. Padgett takes care of everything for us,” Ann emphasized.

Ann’s trust in Padgett’s services has been unwavering. “There have been a couple of mistakes, like a payroll check being wrong or a federal tax deposit not submitted correctly,” she acknowledged. “What’s wonderful about Padgett is that it’s OK. They’re going to fix it. It doesn’t bounce back to me.”

With Padgett handling the financial aspects, Ann has been able to focus on her passions. She currently runs a retail gift store and an artist marketplace, featuring about 30 local artists. Additionally, Ann opened a second location offering art classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and more. “We have a kiln, we do clay and jewelry making classes, and sip and paint for adults. Right now, we’re right in the middle of summer camp,” she said.

Ann’s business continues to flourish, selling her sorority line and jewelry online, primarily on Amazon. “The message I want to say about Padgett is my business really wouldn’t be fun if I was walking around with the burden of worrying about it,” she stated. “I don’t have to worry about anything. I can do what I do and just give them the numbers.”

Reflecting on her journey, Ann offers valuable advice to other small business owners. “Don’t try to wear every hat. Figure out what you do well and do that, and hire people to do the things that you don’t do well,” she advised. “That will give you a much greater chance of success and will definitely lessen the stress tremendously.”

Ann’s partnership with Padgett has allowed her to thrive as an artist and business owner, helping make sure her business remains her happy place. “Our slogan here is ‘This is my happy place.’ If I was doing all that other stuff, it would not be my happy place,” she affirmed. With Padgett by her side, Ann can continue to create beautiful jewelry and nurture her artistic community without the burden of managing the financial complexities of her business.

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