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View Padgett President Roger Harris' congressional testimony on the impact of the Corporate Transparency Act and the BOI reporting requirements here.

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For over 50 years, Padgett has been supporting the over 170 owners in our franchise network as they develop successful tax and accounting firms.

With Padgett, you’ll find the support of a national network and a strong brand, but the freedom to build your business on your own terms. Whether you’re starting out, running a small remote tax shop or managing a large in-person accounting practice, you’ll never have to do it alone.

How Padgett supports our owners:

Business support

With our regular guidance, centralized support and recruitment services, you can focus on supporting your clients.

Tested and Proven Tech Stack

You’ll have access to powerful tools for optimizing your firm and providing excellent customer support through Padgett-vetted software.

Marketing and Branding

A robust package that includes advertising, social media management, branded collateral to order, and website and SEO services.


Join our community of professionals and entrepreneurs like you. Build friendships, find mentors, and grow your personal network through Mastermind groups and annual events.

Proven Systems

We have spent years developing a modern firm's playbook and will provide the training you need to build a successful practice the Padgett way.

Major savings

With some of the most competitive royalties in the industry, plus royalty rebate rewards, you can cover other expenses, plus our contracts will save you thousands on software.

50 years of industry leadership

Padgett’s industry-leading support creates an award-winning, affordable business opportunity for accountants. We’ve been recognized for our small business advocacy and our industry influence. Members of our leadership team have served on the IRS Advisory Council, testified before Congress, and been included in the Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential People list numerous times. The CEOs at the helm of the firms in our network continue to trounce benchmarks in the tax and accounting profession:


Year-over-year growth rates

The top 50 franchisees saw growth of 18.5% — almost double the national average1 in 2021.


Profit margins

That’s higher than the typical 26% net margin of non-Padgett financial services firms2.


Annual revenue

Every year, dozens of our firms cross this threshold 3.

Am I A Good Fit?

Our network represents a diverse range of people who are unified in a few simple ways and share a common goal.

Convert my firm Start my firm

  • You may be a good fit for the Padgett Network if:

  • You’re entrepreneurial. You’re always looking for new opportunities to improve. You’re flexible and not afraid to try something new.
  • You’re a good leader. You’re independent yet coachable. You’re self-motivated and can motivate others.
  • You’re familiar with the accounting industry. Maybe you already own a practice, or maybe you’re working as a staff accountant for someone else.
  • You’re customer-focused. You have a passion for helping clients with their finances.
  • You’re ready for more freedom. You like the idea of being your own boss. You want to have more control over when, where, how, and with whom you work.


Hear from our Padgett

Our Network

Padgett’s network of owners supports the backbone of our economy — small businesses — by providing tax, accounting, payroll, and advisory services.

We want to allow both our clients and our community members more freedom to achieve their goals. With over 50 years of experience and over 300 locations in North America, we help entrepreneurs like you run highly profitable, modern firms serving the small business market.

About Padgett

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Let us show you that with our support, you’ll have more time, energy, and money to devote to what you care about most: your business and your clients.












1See Item 19 of Padgett’s Franchise Disclosure Document for financial metrics 22021 annual revenue growth nationally was 9.5%, up from 5.7% the previous year according to CPA Journal’s 2022 State of the Profession report 3According to data sets compiled January 2023 by the Stern School of Business at NYU

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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