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View Padgett President Roger Harris' congressional testimony on the impact of the Corporate Transparency Act and the BOI reporting requirements here.

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Over 50 years of support for America’s small businesses

Padgett was founded to provide small businesses across the country with the same tools big companies enjoyed. Today, our office is dedicated to assisting small businesses like yours. Here are some industries we know especially well:

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Accommodation and Food Services:

We’re familiar with the tax, accounting and payroll challenges restaurants, hotels and bars may face, from employee tips to alcohol sales and more.


We have experience managing the difficulties retail businesses may have to deal with, including sales taxes in and out of state, product pricing, payroll and inventory.


We can help with the special tax and accounting situations that health services deal with, like patient payments and insurance billing.

Professional Services:

The details of professional service businesses can vary widely, but we’ll use our years of industry experience and work with you to understand the specific tax, accounting and consulting needs for your business.

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Whether you own a business or not, we’d love to help you and your family do more of what you love without worrying about taxes. We prepare individual tax returns and will work to help you take advantage of tax deductions. help with your tax planning for life’s big and little moments, such as investing, planning for college costs, retirement, marriage and divorce, charitable giving strategies, and more. Should you need assistance with IRS or state matters, we can help with that too!

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