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“I Don’t Have Any of the Financial Stress of Taxes” With Padgett

Butch Minkeyer finds peace of mind partnering with Padgett 

I have been using Padgett Business Services for 18 years. As a small business owner I have found their expertise to be invaluable. I employ them for annual tax services as well as weekly payroll for my businesses. Meena and the rest of the staff are very helpful and care very much about their customers. I am very pleased with Padgett’s work, and I would recommend them to any of my friends.  

— Butch Minkeyer 5-star Google Review 

For 23 years, Butch Minkeyer has owned and operated a small retail business with seven employees in Morgantown, West Virginia. Prior to taking that entrepreneurial leap, he had been working as a manager at a nearby plant. However, a desire to move into the niche market of tobacco sales led him to set up his shop. 

Meena Ahluwalia, the owner of a Padgett office in the area, is the only accountant he’s ever trusted to guide him through this professional journey, doing everything from handling tax filings to providing advisory support on important strategic investments. 

Here’s what Butch had to say in our recent interview: 

PADGETT: What’s the most valuable service the Padgett team brings to you?  

BUTCH: They are brutally honest. Meena does everything strictly by the book. When you do everything by the book you don’t have any worries. As long as you give her all of your information you are well taken care of.  

PADGETT: What has changed for you since you began working with Padgett? 

BUTCH: You get to be close to your accountant because you tell them anything financial, and they’ve never given me the wrong direction to go. I don’t have any of the financial stress of taxes and sales tax – Meena does it all. 

PADGETT: If you could go back in time to when you first started out in your business, would you do anything differently? 

BUTCH: When I first started business, I had to find someone to do my taxes. I connected with Meena after a telemarketing call, right when we opened up. She’s handled everything for us tax-wise, and we’ve had no problems whatsoever. Always had good staff there and would never change.  

PADGETT: If you could bake a success pie, what would be your key ingredients?  

BUTCH: (It’s) always going to be your people – even the ones you pay to do things for you, the ones that work in your establishments. You need a good accountant, attorney and good employees. 

Partnering with Padgett 

With Padgett, Butch has a trusted partner he can lean on to help grow his business, all while removing the day-to-day stresses that come with managing payroll and handling taxes. At Padgett, we build lasting relationships with our clients, and we’re with them every step of the way. Let our network of CPAs, enrolled agents and tax professionals take the stress out of managing your business. Find an office near you today. 

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