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How Padgett Helped Dean Bjorkstrand’s Landscaping Business Bloom

Dean Bjorkstrand, the founder of Dean Bjorkstrand Inc., a thriving landscaping design and installation services business, shares his journey from mowing lawns for neighbors to building a comprehensive outdoor design enterprise. With a passion for the outdoors, a commitment to excellence, and a partnership with Steve Pelner of Padgett Lakeville, Dean’s business has flourished over the years, offering a wide range of services, from patios and retaining walls to irrigation and lighting.  

Dean’s business philosophy revolves around efficiency and excellence. “There isn’t a lot of time that we spend that’s not productive,” Dean says. His commitment to delivering high-quality work is complemented by a dedicated team of employees, with some having been a part of the team for 15 years. 

Reflecting on the origins of his business, Dean recounts, “My dad had a roofing company, and my three older brothers worked for him. I started on that path, and after a summer of doing that, I realized that it wasn’t for me.” This realization led him to explore other options, including mowing lawns for neighbors. Over time, this evolved into the business he runs today, creating outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. 

Dean’s journey took an important turn when he partnered with a friend from high school, leading him to connect with Steve Pelner and, subsequently, Padgett for business accounting. Steve, the older brother of Dean’s business partner, became a valuable resource. Dean explains, “Steve was always helpful. He helped me understand what I could and could not afford to do and what loans I could and couldn’t take out. It’s been invaluable getting this kind of information from Steve, and he’s always been so accessible.” 

Through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Padgett has played a pivotal role in navigating financial challenges. “With a business, any business really, there are challenges when you start out, and financial challenges are a big part of that,” Dean acknowledges. Steve’s ability to forecast tax implications and provide timely, insightful advice has been crucial in shaping the financial trajectory of Dean’s business. 

Dean values the quick and reliable connection with Steve, highlighting, “I get answers almost right away.” This prompt responsiveness, coupled with Steve’s expertise, helps ensure that Dean is well-informed about his business finances. “I’ve had other tax preparers, and I can tell you that I’ve gotten very bad advice in the past, but Steve, with his knowledge, has helped me understand what’s going on. I learned a lot from him, and it’s important to me to understand these things,” Dean adds. 

The trust and understanding Dean has developed with Padgett extends beyond mere financial transactions. “My relationship with Steve and Padgett is so important to me. They care about me, and they want me to succeed,” Dean expresses with gratitude. This partnership reflects Dean’s broader business philosophy of collaborating with exceptional individuals who share his commitment to excellence. 

In offering advice to other business owners, Dean emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and wholehearted dedication to one’s passion. “The biggest thing I would say is to never stop trying to improve upon things,” he advises. Dean also underscores the significance of consistency in client interactions, building trust over time.  

As Dean continues to grow his business, he cherishes his partnership with Padgett. “Our partnership has been invaluable to me, and it’s been such a great journey” Dean concludes. With a focus on excellence, a love for the outdoors, and a reliable financial partner in Padgett, Dean’s green success story continues to blossom. 

If you’re seeking a reliable partner for your business finances, reach out to Padgett today and explore the tailored solutions we can offer. We’re here and eager to assist you! 

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