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“We just had a lot of confidence in him from the beginning.”

Rick Baarlaer and Marci Johannes were rewarded for placing their trust in Padgett

Nearly five years ago, Rick Baarlaer and Marci Johannes had a dream of building a one-of-a-kind place where their community could gather together for some great food and a cold drink. Today, Mr. Boro’s Tavern in Springboro, Oh., is a testament to their hard work, drawing people from around the area to their restaurant.

Seeing that dream realized didn’t come without some challenges. Rick noted the difficulties in finding a contractor who not only could deliver their vision in a timely fashion, but also someone they could trust to be a partner in the construction process. There also were some unexpected issues that cropped up, such as the need to completely replace the plumbing in the building.

Fortunately, Marci and Rick had a plan in place and a strong partner in Scott Hull and the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES office in Dayton, Oh., that enabled them to weather the ups-and-downs of getting their business open. Mr. Boro’s Tavern has seen steady growth throughout the past four years, including continued success despite being forced to navigate the uncertainty that has accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Marci and Rick credit Scott and his team for laying a strong foundation that helped to foster this success.

Have a plan in place

Marci noted that it’s pivotal to have “your ducks in a row” when setting out to start your own business, particularly in the restaurant industry. They’re both intimately involved with the day-to-day operations of Mr. Boro’s Tavern.

“I think sometimes business owners in this industry start passing along some responsibilities to someone else, but my suggestion is to do it yourselves from the get-go,” Marci said. “Hiring a great team is important, but you need to be involved in every daily aspect. You need to know how to manage a team, know how to serve food, know how to bartend and bus a table. An owner should know how to do all those things.”

Partnering with Padgett

Rick pointed out that Scott’s background in the hospitality industry made him a natural fit to work with Mr. Boro’s Tavern. That kind of experience and expertise enabled their restaurant to get started on a solid footing.

“We had heard horror stories of people owing back taxes and having all this debt, so it was important for us to have a plan going in,” Rick said. “We had a great introductory meeting with Scott where we had to bring some information, and we just had a lot of confidence in him from the beginning.”

Scott conducts a monthly check-in meeting with Rick and Marci to see how things are going, review their books and answer any questions. His full staff is available to support Mr. Boro’s Tavern, ensuring there is always someone available to lend a hand if needed.

Get the support your small business needs

Scott and his team are a trusted partner for Mr. Boro’s Tavern, providing advisory services and accounting support that enables Marci and Rick to stay focused on serving their customers. At Padgett, we focus on building lasting relationships with our clients, and we’re with them on every step of their journey. Let our network of CPAs, enrolled agents and tax professionals take the stress out of managing your business. Find an office near you today.

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