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Understanding Advisory Services: Finding The Right Talent

Finding the right talent that fits your small business is a critical task.

As an owner or manager, you’re often confronted with making important hiring decisions to cover everything from the seasonal demand for new workers to making sure you have the help needed to support an upcoming business expansion.

Being able to maximize your time and resources when seeking and evaluating potential new employees is more important than ever, particularly given the economic challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By relying on a trusted small business advisor, you can get the support and counsel needed to develop the necessary framework to determine the best places to find your next crop of employees.

Small businesses can seek out new talent in several different ways, including:

Embrace remote workers — Of all the challenges posed by the pandemic, one of the lessons learned for many small businesses is the potential of utilizing remote workers to support what they do. It has deepened the potential hiring pool by enabling companies to target, recruit and hire workers who can live – and work – anywhere in the U.S., offering flexibility in seeking talent and determining wages.

Utilize online recruiting — There are ample platforms that can connect small businesses with a deep pool of capable candidates, ranging from websites like Indeed to reliable social media networks like LinkedIn. These sites allow companies to effectively and efficiently collect resumes, sift through the best candidates and set up various forms of screenings and tests online to determine whether they’re a right fit for the job.

Consider the gig economy — Given some of the ongoing economic uncertainties, as well as the ebbs and flows of seasonal demand, it might be beneficial for some small businesses to hire workers for specific, short-term projects or “gigs.” These employees are typically classified as independent contractors, which can be good for many small businesses since it exempts them from various wage and hour stipulations.

All of these techniques can help you identify and attract the workers you need, and each of them comes with assorted pros and cons. It’s important to find a trusted small business advisor like PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® to help determine how to best address your needs.

Ready to build a hiring plan to guide your small business this fall? At Padgett, our offices advise thousands of small business clients across the country, regularly helping them work through the myriad of challenges associated with identifying talented, dependable employees and understanding the nuances of the tax implications of these decisions.

If you’re wondering “is there a small business advisor near me who could help with these important hiring decisions,” then reach out today and let Padgett help you craft a way forward.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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