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Roxanne White Finds the Beauty of Balance with Padgett

Ever since her childhood, Roxanne White has held a deep-seated passion for art. This creative inclination, nurtured over the years, eventually led Roxanne to open Radiance by Roxanne, a medical spa and skincare clinic. Specializing in Botox, fillers, and a range of other cosmetic procedures, she now regards this venture as her way of expressing art in adulthood. “It’s been over two years, and it just doesn’t feel like work,” she enthuses. With Padgett Barrington at her side to help manage her ever-growing business, Roxanne can wholeheartedly devote herself to ensuring her clients look and feel their absolute best. 

Roxanne’s journey wasn’t without its trials. Early on, she faced a seemingly devastating setback: “I lost my previous job because I wasn’t comfortable doing injections yet,” she says. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It afforded her the space to learn, grow, and build her business independently. With a background in nursing and a master’s degree, Roxanne was well-equipped to navigate this new venture. 

When it came to managing the financial aspect of her business, it was uncharted territory. Roxanne says, “I was trying to do all this on my own, but then I talked to my insurance agent, who recommended Dave Gribben with Padgett Barrington. Thank God he did because Dave took a lot off my plate.” Entrusting her financials to Padgett allowed Roxanne to breathe easier, knowing that her accounts were in expert hands. 

The introduction to Padgett was a game-changer for Roxanne: “I didn’t know anything about running a business when I first started; getting an accountant is something I should have done on day 1.” She was able to hand off a significant portion of her administrative burden. With Padgett’s assistance, Roxanne was able to focus on her true passion: making her clients feel their best. 

Roxanne’s advice is crystal clear: get an accountant early on. This pivotal decision allowed her to maintain control over her finances, steering clear of unnecessary debt. In the competitive world of aesthetics, nurturing client relationships is paramount. Roxanne emphasizes the importance of stellar customer service, garnering Google reviews, and utilizing social media effectively. “Social media is also really important. Business owners need to know social media or hire someone,” she adds.  

In the midst of it all, Roxanne has learned some invaluable lessons. She’s discovered the importance of authenticity, both in her interactions with clients and in her business approach. “Be honest and real with clients, but also be honest with yourself. Learn to let go of clients who aren’t right for you,” she emphasizes. In a competitive industry, self-focus is key.  

Roxanne’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple but powerful: “Remember to always follow your dreams and take one day at a time. If you mess up, at least you know you tried.” With Padgett’s support, Roxanne feels grounded and capable of tackling any challenge. 

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