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Letting a Specialist Handle Your Payroll Makes Good Business Sense

If you own a small business, you probably started it because you were excited about making a certain product or providing a certain service. And what keeps you excited is making that product or service better, pleasing customers and growing your company. The routine business chores are probably not quite that inspiring. And even for business owners who do appreciate the nuts and bolts aspect of running their companies, the task of payroll processing that must be done every week or two is still not exactly something they look forward to. Payroll management also requires knowledge of a mass of rates, rules and regulations that change constantly, and the opportunities for making costly mistakes are many. The solution for business owners is payroll outsourcing. It can be a cost-effective option even for small business. Letting an expert payroll specialist handle the collection of payroll data, the calculation of wages, taxes and deductions and the disbursement of compensation to employees frees up time for you and your staff that could be invested more profitably in strategizing, innovation and customer service.

When you make the choice to have a professional payroll administration company assume this important but routine burden, you’re literally buying time, perhaps the most valuable commodity of all.

A payroll specialist focuses on just one key aspect of your business, and their expertise will bring extreme accuracy to your payroll function. Having payroll done right the first time, every time can spare you a lot of frustration and contribute to basic employee satisfaction. Employees consider few things as important as being paid accurately and on time, after all!

A great payroll company that’s worthy of being one of your business partners should be able to offer these important services and conveniences:

  • Record keeping, accrual tracking and payroll calculation
  • Online entry of payroll data
  • Cutting and distributing payroll checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax calculation and remittance
  • W-2 preparation and distribution
  • Payroll withholding
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Compliance with federal, state and local government regulations

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® can provide your company with the convenience of any or all of these payroll processing options at an affordable price. Padgett keeps your cost low by letting you choose only the services that your business requires. Padgett Business Services has been helping small businesses with their accounting, financial reporting and consulting needs since 1966.

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