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How to be a visionary: Interview with Atlanta Braves CEO

Recently, Padgett CEO Jeff Phillips and President Roger Harris had the opportunity to visit Truist Park to sit down and chat with Atlanta Braves president and CEO Derek Schiller. We’re so excited for this chance to discuss sports and business with the leader of the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America. 

“When you think about the Braves, obviously you think about a baseball team, and people don’t really look at it this way, but we’re really a live event business,” Schiller said when asked about seeing the big picture and serving as a visionary for the organization. “My goal when I think about my day is to try to cede the operational business and the operational skill sets to somebody with that expertise, so that I can focus on strategy.” 

“This entire business of professional sports has really revolutionized over the past 10 to 20 years,” he added. “Now, we’re very deliberate and intentional about finding the skillsets that can help drive our business and set the course for strategic growth.” 

In honor of legendary Braves player and entrepreneur Hank Aaron, Padgett also made a donation to the Henry Louis Aaron fund. “As great a baseball player as he was, he’s a better person,” Harris said. “[The fund] speaks to him as a person and a ball player, but also speaks to the kind of customers we’ve had for our company.” 


If you would like to learn more about the Henry Louis Aaron fund or make a contribution, please visit 

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