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How Padgett Helped Mariangela Diegues Create a Recipe for Success

Mariangela’s journey from Brazil to Georgia, USA, was not just a physical relocation but a leap of faith toward a better life for her family. With three kids in tow, she and her husband embarked on a quest for opportunity, eventually finding themselves at the helm of Vincenza’s Pizzeria, a cozy restaurant nestled in the heart of Georgia. “We found Vincenza’s for sale and decided to give it a try. We got approved for our investor’s visa and decided to officially make the move to Georgia,” Mariangela says.  

The decision to delve into the restaurant business wasn’t arbitrary; it stemmed from their past experiences and a desire to carve out their own path in their adopted homeland. However, like any venture, it wasn’t without its hurdles. Mariangela vividly recalls the initial challenges of establishing trust with customers regarding consistent operating hours and the daunting task of navigating paperwork and financial intricacies. “When we first started the business, the previous owners were amazing and had great recipes but didn’t have consistent business hours. This was a bit of a challenge for us because we had customers ask us all the time if we were going to be open when we said we were,” she recalled. 

Enter Padgett, the beacon of support in Mariangela’s entrepreneurial journey. Introduced by their broker, Dennis and Lillie at Padgett Roswell became an indispensable ally, providing not just accounting support but a steadfast partnership that eased the burden of managing the financial aspect of the business. “That was one of the first things our broker told us: “You need an accountant”, especially since I was learning about the business and trying to run it from another country,” she states. “So, since the beginning, Dennis has been my accountant.” 

In those early days, when the restaurant struggled to stay afloat, Mariangela found herself juggling long hours, financial strains, and the responsibility of providing for her family. Yet, amidst the hardships, there was an unwavering determination fueled by her love for the craft and the satisfaction of seeing customers love their meals. 

As Mariangela reflects on her collaboration with Padgett, it’s evident that their support transcends mere number crunching. They are a pillar of reliability, always there when needed, offering guidance and reassurance in times of uncertainty. “I do have a lot of help from Dennis and Lillie,” she says. “Lillie is amazing. She helps me with paperwork, licenses, and everything in between.” With Padgett by her side, Mariangela finds solace amidst the chaos. “Anytime I meet with Dennis or Lillie, they’re just always there for me and respond so quickly. I feel comfortable and safe with them, and I know they have my back,” she states.  

When asked about finding time to rest and recharge, Mariangela’s response speaks volumes about her resilience and the unwavering support of her family. Despite the demanding nature of the restaurant industry, she finds solace in the understanding of her loved ones, cherishing moments spent with her children as her ultimate source of rejuvenation. She mentions, “My family’s understanding is comforting for me, and just hearing that from them is how I recharge.” 

Through sheer determination, unwavering passion, and the steadfast support of Padgett, Mariangela’s journey unfolds as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of partnership. As Vincenza’s flourishes under her stewardship, Mariangela’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that with perseverance and the right allies by their side, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome, one slice at a time. 

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