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How Padgett helped Holly Crumley become a top-dog entrepreneur

Holly Crumley had always loved animals, and eventually, she channeled that love into starting a business focused on animals. After running a dairy farm for years, Holly began Cavaliers by Crumley which breeds, trains and sells Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies. “I traveled all over the world,” Holly says. “About 20 years ago, I finally found the right place to purchase the dogs and begin the breeding business.” Her business later expanded with the opening of a pet resort in 2007, and she then added a guardianship program to her breeding business.

With such a unique business model, it was crucial for Holly to have an accountant who truly understood her business. That’s where Janet Kaup of Padgett Gainesville came in. “Janet found us about 30 years ago,” Holly says. “She was building her Padgett business and came to the farm one day and asked if she could be of assistance to us. We didn’t have a good accountant then, so it took off from there.”

Since then, Janet has been by Holly’s side as she has built her business. “Janet has become like a sister to me,” Holly continues. “I’ve always depended on her to lead me in the right direction. It’s just imperative to have an accountant who understands the type of business you’re involved in.”

“It’s also important to hire good people,” Holly continues. “We offer incentives for our employees, helping them put their kids through college, helping people learn how the business works and other things. My employee retention is great; Janet has helped me manage my employees and offer a simple retirement plan. We have a tax card to help people with medical expenses and things like that. I have very committed, loyal employees.”

Having a strong support system is key to Holly’s hectic day. “It’s a constant business; it doesn’t end,” she says. “It’s seven days a week. It’s a 24-hour job, and not a clean job either… I get up and let the dogs out, feed and clean up for them. Then we have social media to deal with, returning phone calls and emails. The business I’m in, communication doesn’t stop with the sale of the dog.”

Despite her busy schedule, Holly also prioritizes education, both for herself and her employees. “School’s never out for the pros,” she says. “It’s important to stay on the cutting edge, always be on top of new developments.” She encourages them to attend leadership events, learn the business, and stay informed on industry updates. Luckily, staying up to date on every in and out of the tax system isn’t something that Holly has to add to her plate. She relies on Janet and her Padgett team for that.

“I did everything the wrong way first,” Holly adds, “so I’ve learned how to do a lot of things right. I learned all my lessons the hard way. I’ve been lucky to have a great accountant. Janet took it upon herself to make it important that we were taken care of. I feel confident about my taxes.”

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