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Greg LeVon’s Financial Journey with Pivotal Padgett Partnership

In the dynamic world of business, success stories often begin with unexpected connections. For Greg LeVon, owner of The LeVon Group, a thriving Allstate insurance agency, the journey from a small startup to a $6 million revenue-generating business is a testament to hard work, strategic decisions, and a key partnership with Steve Pelner of Padgett Lakeville. 

Greg’s story begins around 2009, when he decided to transition from corporate America to start his own insurance agency. “I started this thing from scratch; I had zero customers. Just nothing”, he recalls.  

Around the ten-month mark of his venture, Greg received a cold call from one of Steve’s outreach partners at the time, who convinced him to meet with Steve. “Steve came by, and we talked, and Steve just laid everything out for me. He was so authentic and genuine. He explained what services Padgett offers and their value, and he said to try them for a year. If it’s not working after a year, he said I can go back to doing everything in QuickBooks,” he recounts. After only 90 days, Greg knew it was a “no brainer” to keep the partnership with Padgett going.  

Within the first year of the partnership, Greg made acquisitions with other agencies and was growing exponentially. “I’m so glad I decided to partner with Steve,” he adds. “He freed up so much of my time; it was incredible. And there’s no way I would’ve been able to handle all the accounting stuff on my own.” 

Over the years, Steve and Greg became close friends, engaging not only in business discussions but also sharing personal insights. Steve’s ability to understand Greg’s business style and preferences played a crucial role in the success of their collaboration. “He got to know my style and how I want to look at the financial aspects of my business,” he says. 

Greg values Steve’s consistent and transparent approach to managing his business’s finances. There are no surprises, and Steve helps ensure that Greg is always well-prepared: “Whether it’s in the first quarter where we’re gearing up to get things done, or even in the middle of the year when he’s showing me what we’re on track for, he keeps me prepared.” The consistency of Padgett’s services aligns seamlessly with Greg’s stable and revenue-consistent business model. 

Reflecting on his journey, Greg offers valuable advice to fellow business owners. He emphasizes the importance of journaling experiences, especially in areas like HR and finances. He states, “I wish I had journaled so that I could go back and reflect on everything and learn from it rather than trying to rely on my memory.” Greg also credits Steve for instilling a meticulous monthly financial review process, which has been instrumental in maintaining control over expenses and avoiding financial surprises. 

The support Greg receives from Steve goes beyond traditional accounting services. Steve’s prompt responses to calls and emails, even outside of scheduled meetings, showcase his dedication to being there for clients when they need it the most. This level of commitment has been a game-changer for Greg, providing a sense of security in the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.  

Looking back, Greg acknowledges the stroke of luck that led to the cold call from Padgett. His relationship with Steve and Padgett has been a cornerstone of his success, allowing him to focus on growing his business while leaving the financial intricacies to trusted hands. Greg expresses gratitude for the timely intervention, stating, “I’m glad Padgett found me when they did; otherwise, I would be taking a shoebox of receipts to another accountant.” 

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