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Having A Trusted, Caring Business Partner To Lean On

In Padgett, Bridget Hallett found a “sounding board” to help her with big decisions 

When Bridget Hallett decided to start her marketing company, she viewed it as a potential resource to aid small businesses. She knew that most of them were serving a special niche with unique expertise and unrelenting passion, but they often had a difficult time getting their message out. Whether it was budget constraints or a simple lack of skill, it proved difficult for many business owners to get their marketing efforts off the ground. 

While she was helping other businesses grow client rosters, Bridget realized she needed help managing her own business – especially when it came to finances. So, she turned to Jim and Pam Joiner and their team at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES to help chart a course for her business. 

“They are my sounding board,” Bridget said of her Padgett partners. “If there is something I need to purchase or a new business avenue I want to explore, they are the first people I turn to. They always make sure it fits with where I am financially.”  

Here’s what Bridget had to say in our recent interview: 

PADGETT: When it comes to managing your business finances, what advice would you give other business owners? Is there anything you wish you’d known when you first started out?  

BRIDGET: Don’t do it yourself if you’re not a numbers person. I can’t tell you the mess up I had in QuickBooks®. I tell that to everyone that I meet with. You need to get your brand in place, but you also need to get an accountant or bookkeeper lined up to help you. For me, Pam and Jim talk to me and take time with me. The team at Padgett will become your confidants and your friends. 

PADGETT: Walk us through your business. What were some of your key financial milestones and/or challenges that you were dealing with when you first began working with Padgett? 

BRIDGET: I had always been on my own with QuickBooks®. I’m a Type A personality, and I want to make sure everything is crossed off and checked. I’m a writer, graphic designer, artsy person, so when I would work in QuickBooks® it would take forever.  

I met Jim, and he offered to help. I put him off for years, but eventually realized I didn’t need to be doing the financials. I didn’t want red flags anywhere with the IRS, so to ensure everything was done the right way, I brought him in to do our books. It only took a day or two, but it was a game-changer and time saver for me.   

PADGETT: Building a business is a tough job. What does a typical day look like for you, what lessons have you learned and how do you find time to rest and recharge? 

BRIDGET: It’s always a challenge. I started a company to be home with my kids, but it’s still hard, especially as a woman. You want to be the perfect mom and business owner. It takes time, and it’s important that you have a strong, reliable support system that you can turn to. 

If you’re a business owner, you need to give it your all at work and give it your all at home. I used to get a whole lot done between my kids’ bedtime and 2 a.m. In the beginning, I worked all day, did the mom thing and then went back to work. As my kids have gotten older, it’s become a little easier.  

Partnering with Padgett 

With Padgett, Bridget found a trusted partner who shared her passion and purpose to help small businesses. With Jim and Pam focusing on her day-to-day financial needs, she can keep her eyes on serving her clients and helping them market their services. 

At Padgett, we build lasting relationships with our clients, and we’re with them every step of the way. Let our network of CPAs, enrolled agents and tax professionals take the stress out of managing your business. Find an office near you today. 

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