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“100 percent trust in the Padgett team”

Reliable service and strategic advisory support endear Padgett to Lasinda and Jimmy Cranelli  

Lasinda and Jimmy Crane have been in the restaurant business for most of their lives, doing everything from waiting tables to running front-of-house operations for a popular national franchise. It’s been their passion for some time, and a little more than eight years ago they embarked on a life-changing journey when they opened Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant in Lone Tree, Colorado. 

The passion was there, as was the emphasis on great food and stellar customer service, but after an unexpected and hefty tax bill, Lasinda recognized the couple needed the help of a trusted tax professional. That’s why they turned to Mary Beth Krysl and the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® office in Englewood, Colorado, helping to put their family restaurant on a more secure path. 

Steady growth and a willingness to adapt 

Since opening their doors, Cranelli’s has experienced consistent growth, and Lasinda attributes much of that success to their approach to customer service. 

“I like to think that we offer something that most restaurants don’t in that we actually care about the guests that walk in the door,” she said. “We treat guests like they’re walking into our home. It’s something people are not used to. People are used to feeling like a number, so they treat this as a blessing.” 

Lasinda staffs the front of the restaurant, greeting every customer who comes in and doing her part to set a positive example for her staff. By building a service-oriented culture, they’ve been able to not only nurture a loyal customer base, but ensure new customers turn into repeat ones. 

Finding a partner in Padgett 

While the business has enjoyed plenty of success, early on, Lasinda felt they lacked a reliable accounting partner. Cranelli’s previous accountant had been a family referral, but ultimately didn’t deliver the expertise and service they needed. In one year, their tax bill jumped from $8,000 to $25,000 without any warning. Seeking someone she could trust, she turned to Mary Beth and the Padgett team. 

“Mary Beth has her act together,” Lasinda said. “She ended up completely going back over the last three years of our taxes and got us a refund of $40,000.” 

The Padgett team handles Cranelli’s P&Ls and taxes, removing that burden from Lasinda so she can remain focused on offering delicious food and world-class service to her customers. 

“Anytime I’ve got a question on something, all I have to do is text or email Mary Beth,” she said. “We’ve got 100 percent trust in the Padgett team.” 

That trust is a testament to the relationships the Padgett team builds with each client, standing by them every step of the way on their respective journey. Let our network of CPAs, enrolled agents and tax professionals take the stress out of managing your business. Find an office near you today.  

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